These are a small selection of our all-over patterns which we currently have in our library.  We would be very happy to work with you if you have a favorite pattern you would like to use which you don’t see listed here or which you found online. 

Below are examples of patterns grouped according to density and cost.  For each pattern you will see the pattern designer and pattern name followed by cost per square inch. Additionally, the width of each pattern is noted to give you an idea of how many times the pattern will be repeated on your quilt.  The density of this pattern can be adjusted if you wish to change this aspect of the pattern.   

We also offer Matchstick (straight line) quilting for $.0125 to $.05 per square inch depending on the line distance (between 3 inches – ¼ inch spacing).

 Let us know if you are interested in one of these! 

Patterns are coming soon!