Our rates are based on the specific quilt design you select and are generally between $.0125 to $.03/per square inch.  Here is how to estimate the cost of having your top quilted:

  1. Measure the width and length of your top through the middle of your quilt top.
  2. Multiply the width by the height, which will give you the number of square inches.
  3. Take the number of square inches and multiply by the per square inch cost.

For example, here is the cost for a standard sized twin quilt with a simple pattern:

65" x 88" = 5,720 square inches

5,720 x $.015 = $85.80




Pantograph (edge to edge)


per square inch

Light Custom


per square inch

(Quilts with border treatments and one pantograph)

Complex Custom


per square inch

(Extensive stitch in the ditch, two or more patterns, all over dense quilting)

Matchstick Quilting


per square inch

(Straight line quilting vertically or horizontally between 3 inches to ¼ inches apart)

Please note that there is a minimum fee of $50.00 on all orders.